Painting Lessons

Help with Finding Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor Painting Lessons

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How to paint Рmany will wonder about it and few will actually learn. But for those few that want to learn to paint, this blog is for you! Articles and tips as to where to find lessons with reviews of online and DVD courses are what we plan for As a professional graphic designer and a fine art major, I have had lots of experience with good and not so good painting classes. I love watercolor painting, but my favorite classes were for oil or pastel painting. I remember the moment when I had a break through and my painting really turned out the way I had envisioned it woud be. It was awesome! I hope to help other people have that eureka moment in their life and I want to readers sort out which painting lessons are best to point artists-to-be  towards lessons that will help fulfill their dreams.

As the author of this blog, my recommendations and reviews are based on many years of study in art, including courses at the following institutions or private classes with specific teachers:

  • Long Beach Island Art Foundation – various art classes
  • Florida Gulf Coast Art Center – Acrylic Painting
  • Florida State University and Georgia State University – Bachelor of Visual Art curriclum
  • Watercolor Painting, Atlanta GA private classes with instructor Alan Tiegreen
  • Callenwolde Art Center, Atlanta GA – Oil or Pastel Figure Painting with Kate Fetterolf