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Oil Painting Lessons – DVDs or Online Tutorials?

October 28th, 2009 · Oil Painting Instruction, Painting Lessons on DVD

How to Choose Between Oil Painting Lessons on DVD or Online

Disclosure: I do not accept advertising and the opinions expressed here are my own. I am not paid to write reviews or to give opinions. I will be compensated if you purchase a product described here through one of the links, but I will in no way allow that to impact my reviews.

supplies-kitFor someone who has painted before – maybe you have taken classes somewhere or used a painting lessons book – the online tutorials are fine. But, in my opinion they can be limited to just learning to paint one scene  or learning only a particular technique.

For those of you who are beginners who want to learn to paint, online tutorials can be a poor choice because they may not teach the basics of how to use the materials, color theory and how to mix paints, good composition, shades, texture and lighting and so many other of the basics needed to paint a good picture. And, online tutorials are not easy to view just anywhere in your home – you have to be on a computer to watch them.


So, I am talking to those who either never got the basics or want to start to explore how to paint with oils and learn in a way that gives them a better foundation to be able to be more successful with their finished paintings.  Once you learn some of the basics, they can be transferred to use when painting in other mediums, as well, such as acrylics or watercolors.

What I am proposing is that you use a course on DVDs so that you can put a television and play your DVDs near where you paint (or move your painting supplies near a TV). For any new painting student, I highly recommend buying a course such as Learn and Master Painting. The depth of the course will help you be a more informed artist. And as long as you are going to spend your precious time (your time is so valuable) and your hard-earned money on paint brushes, paints, canvas, a pallette, a taboret and other painting supplies, you should really consider doing it correctly from the start.

Many new students (in any creative field) start out with such excitement but when everything is new and they are having to adjust to all the new information, they get frustrated and just give up. Please don’t do that! You have to be persistent to be able to do anything well. And after the initial “information overload” when you get some time in with practicing your new art, you will be able to enjoy it and feel that same excitement about it that you had when you started on this new journey.

I believe painting, or any creative art,  is like a journey with hills to climb, valleys to endure and get through and mountain tops to enjoy. Try to enjoy all the parts of learning to paint – all are necessary – and just like “life” all of these things are what makes the experience a full and satisfying one.

To get the full experience with painting lessons, having one great instructor makes all the difference, too. The personal input from someone who knows what kind of things you need to learn and what things you may struggle with is what can “make or break” your ability to achieve your goal of being a painter.

This is one of the main reasons I am so thoroughly impressed with the Learn and Master Painting course. The instructor, Gayle Leveé,  is a dedicated art professional with years of experience as a painter and a teacher.

So, for those of you who don’t need the basics and have the time to search for tutorials, again, those can be a very good way to extend what you know about painting. But for those who want a more complete art and painting course, you won’t be disappointed with Learn and Master Painting.

The Learn & Master Painting Course includes:

Video demonstrations on 20 DVDs (which lasts a long time) take you through how to oil paint in a  step-by-step fashion. This makes it easy to repeat what you are watching such as mixing paints and selecting brushes.

The Learn & Master Painting lesson book is a wonderful resource or printed material, which is rarely included with DVD lessons. All the projects that will be taught in the course are covered and it includes a glossary in case you need to look up a term (no rewinding the video for that will be needed).


Music on three CDs are a bonus to allow you to create an atmosphere of inspiration while you paint. The CDs have a variety of music genres that you can choose from: modern music, classical or orchestral. Use them anywhere and make your own playlist if you’d like.


Your instructor, Gayle Leveé, a professional painter, is a talented communicator and teacher - can learn and even laugh together with her.


Become a part of an oil painting online community – a benefit for members who have bought the course. Share successes, ask questions or just gain the sense that you are not alone with an online forum full of fellow students.

Buy this alone or at a discount when you purchase the DVD course. This is so helpful when you are just starting out – all your supplies: paints, brushes, palette knife, and medium, will be there when you need them.


Buy Now or Learn More about Learn and Master Painting!

Use the link above to learn about what the course costs, or read my explanation about the price – Pricing Overview.

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Learn and Master Painting DVDs Prices

October 9th, 2009 · Oil Painting Lessons, Painting Lessons on DVD

Disclosure: I do not accept advertising and the opinions expressed here are my own. I am not paid to write reviews or to give opinions. I will be compensated if you purchase a product described here through one of the links, but I will in no way allow that to impact my reviews.

Pricing Overview:

You are probably a thrifty or spending-conscious person (like I am), and you give careful consideration to anything you plan to spend your money on. For anything that costs more than one hundred dollars, I am very cautious and try to learn everything I can about the product before I pay for it.

Here is the good news when it comes to Learn and Master Painting on DVD: they have a %100 money-back guarantee. This means there is no risk, should you buy it and are not completely satisfied with the training.

You can learn quite a lot about the course even before you buy it – and I really doubt you will not be happy with it. But for those who want to know as much as possible, here are the prices for the course:

Learn and Master Course – Oil painting course contains 20 DVDs, 3 Music CDs, Lesson Book, and unlimited access to our Student Support Site: $299 (but try to get it when they run a special for $199 - one hundred dollars off is an awesome savings). There are also payment plans to pay as low as $49/month!

Painting Supply Kit – Contains 12 tubes of oil paint, 6 brushes, palette knife, and medium (plus no trips to the art supply store, so you can start painting as soon as you get your kit). This costs $349 (and is worth more than that) but you can buy the package deal shown below to save money. The painting supplies can’t be returned after you buy them.

Learn & Master Painting Package DealBuy the course and supply kit together for a $99 discount. It’s everything you need to get started for $499 – but it often is on sale at $399! Really, $499 is very reasonable for the lengthy lessons and all the great supplies. If you bought these separately it would cost almost $650 – so this package deal saves you a lot of money. And again, you can pay for this with payment plans to stretch out the cost over several months.

BUT, if you get the entire course and painting kit when they are having a special, it will only cost $100 less. That is kind of unheard of to get almost $200 off (with the discount on the painting kit, plus the $100 off special).

Learn and Master Painting Homeschool Edition – the full painting course plus a teacher’s guide  – $319 (You can often find it at $100 off – for $219!) Or get the package that includes painting supplies for $519 (or on sale for $419). This is little to pay for a course that can be used for 2 years in your homeschool curriculum.

So, for those who are price conscious, I hope this detailed explanation helps!

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Oil Painting Instruction

August 28th, 2009 · Oil Painting Instruction, Painting Lessons on DVD

Disclosure: I do not accept advertising and the opinions expressed here are my own. I am not paid to write reviews or to give opinions. I will be compensated if you purchase a product described here through one of the links, but I will in no way allow that to impact my reviews.

For those who want to learn to paint, I thought I would compare some of the current prices for oil painting instruction in painting classes or in DVD lessons. A local arts center where I have taken classes in the past charges $170.00 for 8 weeks of oil painting lessons. Then these are the materials required:

  • Odorless mineral spirits or turpentine
  • Jar or coffee can
  • Rag
  • Paper towels
  • 8-10 small canvas boards or canvas paper 9″x12″ (or slightly larger) for color studies/fast paintings
  • 2 canvases, size range 20″x24″ to 30″x40″
  • Brushes which should include one sable flat #0 or #1, series of 4-5 bristle flats or filberts 1/4  inch to 1 inch

o titanium white
o yellow ochre
o cad. yellow light or medium
o cad. orange (optional)
o cad. red light
o cad. red medium
o cad. red deep
o alizarin crimson
o thalo red rose (optional)
o viridian green
o cerulean blue
o ultramarine blue
o dioxazine purple
o raw sienna
o raw umber
o ivory black

All in all, the cost of the materials really does add up! Most of these courses at the local school or art center will teach you to paint one or two paintings. They can’t teach you all the basics and color theory or perspective – there just isn’t enough time for that. And almost $200 will only get you 8 lessons. and the cost of materials could be as much as another $400-$500…It is not a cheap hobby – but I think it may be less expensive than playing golf ;-) The nice thing about painting  is there is no winning or losing – and you can “play” in any weather indoors or in nice weather you can go outside.

In comparing the price of  taking a local painting class, a DVD course I just found out about has 20 DVDs – that is quite a lot of video time – far more than the 8 lessons (or less)  in a local painting course. And it is taught by a professional painting teacher who will show and explain all aspects of painting, not just how to make one still life or one landscape. Here is a list of the topics on the DVD:

  • Understanding Composition
  • Understanding Perspective
  • Setting up a still life
  • Color Theory
  • Controlling Color Intensity and Understanding Color Combinations
  • Painting a gradation
  • Using Photos for Reference
  • Varnishing Your Paintings
  • Using a Focal Point in your Painting
  • The Technique of using a Brown Underpainting
  • Creating color charts for: grayscale, value, and value relativity
  • Color temperature
  • Pathways through a painting
  • Painting gestures in humans and animals
  • How to plan an original painting
  • How to get connected to an art community near you

And that isn’t all…this course will give you specific guidelines for materials, plus there is a printed workbook and there are 3 Music CDs to listen to while you work on your painting. And it only costs $249, but you may be able to get it for less (there are often specials for $149). This is an investment in your future and it will occupy hours of your time as you learn and master the art of oil painting.  In fact, the course is called Learn and Master Painting. (NOT just paint a picture, but really become more accomplished as a painter.)

There is lots of information on the course creator’s website – go watch all the videos that show you samples of parts of the course. I think you will agree with me that it is so comprehensive and a really exceptional painting lesson DVD course!

Learn and Master Painting Pricing Details (This page explains the costs).

A couple more things I want you to think about – you could take this course before you take local classes (so you won’t feel that you don’t know enough to “fit in” with the other painting students.  And, if you decide to buy Learn and Master Painting on DVDs and you don’t like the course or are unsatisfied, you can request a full refund…it’s really a win-win if you are thinking you want to learn to paint!

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